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Now that you've calculated or estimated your CO2 emissions, scroll through the acres available for sponsorship until you find the acre (or combination of acres) that will cover your footprint.  All Bio-AgtiveTM acres have crops that have been grown sustainably by one of our licensees using far fewer fossil fuel inputs than traditional farmers do.                    Our carbon managers submit their farm data after each harvest.  As soon as it's verified, CO2X very conservatively calculates the amount of CO2 removed from the atmosphere by each acre and the listing becomes available for sponsorship - including a satellite image of that parcel of land.

CO2X Acre Browser
CO2X Parcel Number 49
7,452 lbs. CO2/acre
CO2X Parcel Number 50
Alberta Oats
16,284 lbs. CO2/acre
CO2X Parcel Number 51
Alberta Oats
16,284 lbs. CO2/acre