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OK, so what's the connection between that acre of crop and my CO2 emissions?

Now imagine you're driving down the highway on a sunny day, with green farm fields on either side of you.  If the CO2 your car emits was visible, you'd see the crops in those fields breathing in every pound of CO2 your car is putting out.  Each acre takes in about 5 tons of CO2, remember, via the miracle of photosynthesis!                         Another quick calculation:  If you burn 500 U.S. gallons of gasoline, at 20 pounds of CO2 per gallon you will create 10,000 pounds (or 5 tons) of CO2.  Remember those acres of crop that you're driving by?  It only takes 1 acre of crop on average to take 5 tons of CO2 out of the air.  And you create that much CO2 burning just 500 gallons of gas!  That's the connection between your CO2 emissions and an acre of crop!             The CO2Xchange let's you cover the carbon footprint of that gas guzzler of yours, and any other CO2 emissions you are responsible for.  Of course you should first reduce your emissions as much as you can (see the "Reduce CO2" link).  But when you just can't cut CO2 any more, the "CO2X" offers you an opportunity to "Xchange" your emissions and promote the agricultural changes the world needs to combat Global Warming!  Using the links above, read about the verification of our project (under "Consumers"), then Calculate or Estimate your CO2, and sponsor an acre of crop grown by one of our licensed farmers.