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How does CO2X verify its carbon mitigation program?

Face it.  The internet carbon offset business is unregulated.  Beware the $29.95 (or $9.95!) "quickie offset"!  In fact, "carbon offsets" just don't cut it with us - they pay farmers for doing what they've always done, and allow polluters to pay a pittance to keep on polluting! 

We at CO2X believe sponsoring an acre is the most valuable thing you can do in terms of immediate, effective CO2 removal, educational value, and (most importantly) as an effective agent of agricultural change.  That's why CO2X goes to great lengths to give you the world's best carbon mitigation program!

First, we monitor international carbon protocols closely - when governments and climate exchanges are serious about agricultural incentives for sequestered carbon, we'll be there with bells on!  Second, we monitor the global carbon offset business, and charge less than anyone anywhere to remove a ton of CO2 from the atmosphere.  Third, we contract climate scientists to tell us what's reasonable in the world of carbon dioxide apk for pc mitigation based on the latest scientific data.  Fourth, we verify every acre - not 5% or 10% like other CO2 sites.  Fifth, we actively pursue voluntary certification with respected consumer groups.  Sixth, we only allow sponsorship of our licensed farms.  Seventh, if there is even a shred of doubt about the amount of CO2 removed by an acre we remove it until its calculation is checked.  That's how seriously we take the quality and effectiveness of our carbon program!  Now, Calculate or Estimate your personal annual CO2 footprint using the links above and cover it by sponsoring an acre!