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N/C Quest Inc. (Nitrogen/Carbon Quest Inc., that is!)

"NCQ" as we like to call it, is a Canadian agri-tech company founded in 2005 by Gary Lewis after 5 long years of experiments with his diesel irrigation and tractor exhaust emissions.  The result is a series of worldwide "patents pending" on the capture, processing and recycling of exhaust emissions into agricultural soils (and on our unique CO2Xchange system of sponsoring an acre of crop carbon), multiple trademarks, and a flourishing business supporting our Bio-AgtiveTM Emissions Technology licensees.                                                            The summer of 2007 saw NCQ involved in two major research projects funded partly by the National Research Council of Canada, plus company test plots throughout North America.  Research is now an ongoing fact of life year-round at NCQ.                                                  In addition, NCQ holds its annual convention, the "Bio-Agtive Gathering" every January, featuring the latest scientific data on the recycling of exhaust emissions as soil-injectable plant nutrients, as well as the latest prototypes, and lots of speakers and discussion groups.               And NCQ continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  The company now has licensees and distributors around the world.  Interested producers should visit our website at www.bioagtive.com and contact N/C Quest Inc. at sales@bioagtive.com for more information.  You owe it to yourself to check out our technology!