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Why is there a Patent Pending on The CO2XchangeTM?

      Because it's unique in the world of carbon programs, that's why.  No other program can do what we do because of our Patent Pending status.  We pay farmers to elevate their carbon management practices to the highest level possible, regardless of the type of crop they grow, and thereby give them the incentive to change.  Sustainable farming practices help their bottom line, and help the planet breathe easier as a result!

     Our farmers are true "carbon managers".  Not just any farmer can join CO2X; producers must be licensed to use our Bio-Agtive Emissions Technology which captures 100% of their diesel exhaust emissions and converts it to plant nutrients.  After all, what's the point of removing CO2 with your crop if you've created more seeding it than you capture growing it?  So our patent pending status also protects our farmers - er, carbon managers, that is!

     And that's not all!  CO2X is developing the world's first "carbon credits card", a swipeable stored value card with sophisticated functions you'll just have to see to believe!  Watch for it in 2008!

     Now you know why CO2X is not only the highest quality, most effective carbon program in the world today - but also the most unique!