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About The CO2Xchange ...and the most committed Carbon Managers on the planet!

The CO2Xchange is a pilot project of N/C Quest Inc.  Founded after 5 years of research, "NCQ" is a leading energetic young agri-tech company which develops emissions recycling systems that monitors, measures and verifies 100% of machinery diesel exhaust, and process it into a soil-injectable nutrient gas for agricultural use.

This replaces the use of fossil fuel energy used to produce crops and wasted energy being emitted into our atmosphere. Bio-Agtive practice results in more sustainable farming and produces food with higher quality!

Farmers don't just grow food - they also clean the air!  CO2X recognizes that and provides the incentive for effective agricultural change by rewarding farmers according to their level of carbon management - the more "best practices" they use and the more coc fossil fuel cuts they make - the more they will be paid to grow more food and clean the air!

CO2 isn't our only business or even our primary business.  We're doing this because it's the right way to advance sustainable agriculture!