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I'm a farmer, what's in this for me?

At CO2X we think of farmers as "carbon managers", and we believe the very future of the planet may be in your hands.  You deal every day with the last terrestrial landscape where CO2 can effectively be managed.  So we not only want you to get a good return on your crop, we want you to practise higher levels of carbon management - and get paid for it!  Aggregators, climate exchanges and governments don't do that.  They treat every farmer the same, whether he's trying to make a difference or not - and that's just not right!                    Enlightened consumers around the world want to help you do the right thing for the atmosphere by sponsoring the crops you grow.  You don't need to be a Bio-AgtiveTM Emissions Technology licensee to use best practices - only if you want to get paid properly by joining "CO2X"!  Add in the savings from vastly reduced fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide inputs and you can see that proper carbon management will give you a much better bottom line.  Get serious about carbon management, contact CO2X today to see how you can be rewarded for cleaning the air as well as growing your crops!     What about my carbon credits?  The revenue you'll receive from selling your carbon credits through a climate exchange is not worth the effort and just allows big polluters to keep on polluting.  CO2X is about funding you to become the best carbon manager you can be, and paying you decently to do so!  Contact us at sales@bioagtive.com today about becoming a Licensee!