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What carbon mitigation projects does CO2X support?

First of all, CO2X doesn't send money to questionable projects we have no control over!  We are the farm families across Canada, United States and Australia that manage your acres that absorb your emissions.  When you sponsor an acre of crop on The CO2Xchange this is where your money goes:

1.  Your sponsership funds agriculture to make change to its practices that have been identified as being responsible for climate change.  Farmers that use the Bio-Agtive Emissions Technology do not emit emissions into the air, they use the emissions to change the plants physiology to take in more emissions by photosynthesing at a greater rate to make their own fertility.  Managment using "best practices" and fewer fossil fuel inputs causes your acre to absorb more emissions.  CO2X provides the incentive farmers around the world need to make the agricultural changes necessary to reverse Global Warming.  That's our number one goal.  Others may sell you "offsets", but to make a real difference - to change the way farmers grow our food and clean our air - offsets only trade the problem and do not resolve it.  To go beyond offsets, sponsering your acre will fund agriculture to make change that resolves climate change.

2.  Your sponsership of a developed world acre includes a "third world farm family" that needs support to educate, provide equipment and seeds to grow their own nutritious food.   This support will allow third world farm families to go beyond sustenance farming and start feeding their own country.

3.  And some of it goes to internal research and development of our Bio-AgtiveTM Emissions Technology, revolutionizing agriculture one farm at a time by recycling machinery exhaust.