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Some ideas and resources to help you reduce your emissions from the folks at CO2X.

Don't believe in Global Warming?  Do your descendants a favor, read Scientific American's August 2007 issue, page 64, which lays out the Undeniable Case for Global Warming.  After all, you can't afford to be wrong on this one!  Your children, and your children's children will thank you for becoming informed and taking action now.      But lots of scientists deny Global Warming - don't they?  You need to read Heat by George Monbiot, Random House of Canada (2007), Chapter 2, about the climate change deniers.  Society needs to err on the side of caution on this issue, and these people aren't helping.           Now, about reducing those emissions.  Time magazine's April 9, 2007, issue lists 51 Things You can Do To Make a Difference, including No. 45 - the radical concept of only making right turns when you drive!  (Which UPS can implement more easily than you can - but there are lots of neat ways to reduce emissions in this article.)               Feel bad you're not driving a hybrid?  Check out CNW Research's Dust to Dust Automotive Energy Report!  The rankings begin on page 18.  Maybe you're already beating the hybrid's "dust-to-dust" energy footprint!  A thought-provoking bit of research.

Come to think of it, wouldn't it be great if every product we buy came labelled with its carbon footprint?  Okay, now it's time to use the links above to Calculate or Estimate your CO2 footprint.