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Take the One Acre Challenge right here, right now!

Welcome to the One Acre Challenge!

      We at CO2X.com challenge you to reduce your carbon footprint to the level where it can be covered by sponsoring just one acre of crop.  Our farmers' crops remove tons and tons of CO2 per acre, year in and year out.  Of course, different crops remove different amounts of CO2, but we challenge you to fit your carbon footprint into any one acre of crop as a first step!

     So let's get started!  STEP 1:  First of all you'll need to calculate or estimate your annual personal carbon footprint, so click on the tab on the green line above to "Calculate CO2" or "Estimate CO2" to determine the size of your annual personal carbon footprint.

     Now let's find that acre!  STEP 2:  Is there an acre of crop that removes enough CO2 annually to cover the amount you just calculated or estimated?  Click on the "Browse All Acres" tab on the green line above to check out the "CO2 Removed" by each acre of crop currently available for sponsorship.

     Sponsor that acre!  STEP 3:  If you can cover your annual personal carbon footprint by sponsoring just one acre, congratulations!  If not, how many acres will it take?  Sponsor as many acres as you need.  Add the acre or acres you've chosen to your shopping cart and go to the checkout.  If you have a discount card, enter it on the Shopping Cart page and then click on "Update" to get your discount.

    Which raises another question: are there enough acres of crop grown around the world to take in all the CO2 emissions created annually?  Have a look at the "Arable Land" PDF file on the "Estimate CO2" page.  You'll find that although sponsoring crops is a highly effective way to fight Global Warming, we all need to reduce our CO2 emissions because crops alone can't do it at present - there just isn't enough arable land for our worldwide population to cover its CO2!

     So Here's your next One Acre challenge.  It's impossible not to have a carbon footprint, but we all need to reduce our CO2 emissions.  This year try to reduce your CO2 emissions until you can fit them into an even smaller acre!  Click on the "Reduce CO2" tab on the green line above to see how others are reducing their annual personal carbon footprint!