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Take the One Acre Challenge!

      How big is your annual personal carbon footprint?  Can you cover it by sponsoring One Acre of crop?  Our farmers grow crops that remove CO2 from the atmosphere every growing season, year after year.  Everyone's CO2 emissions are different depending on your lifestyle, how you get around, how big your house is, etc.  And guess what?  The amount of CO2 removed by one acre of crop during its growing season also varies - depending on plant type, soil nutrients, irrigation, and a host of other factors.  So here's the question: Can you fit your annual personal carbon footprint into our largest acre?  Can you cover it with our smallest acre of crop?  Or do you need 2, 3 (or more) acres of crop just to mitigate your personal CO2 emissions this year?  Find out.  Click on the "Take the 1 Acre Challenge" link on our homepage today!

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